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Vacuum formed and fabricated Point of Purchase stands for cosmetic, jewellery, sweets, pens, spectacles stand, books and magazine stands or any products which you desire.

Leaflet, pamphlet and brochure holders for all sizes in singles and free standing, wall mount and wall mounted. Lightboxes. Slat walls CNC routered for displays.

Polycarbonate High Bay light diffusers and regular fluorescent light diffusers as well as vacuum formed vapor proof fluorescent diffusers are products, as required by law, in any areas where food or fruit is exposed or being packaged.

Sneeze guards for deli counters, coffee bean dispensing displays, price tag holders, menu holders, table talkers, table numbers, cake domes, salad bowls with acrylic domes, domes for bread and roll baskets. We can produce any plastic product for the catering industry.

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